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What is a mimeograph?

Mimeograph (File Plate Process) = Gariban is a kind of stencil printing.
On the stencil paper (waxed Ganpi-paper), draw letters and pictures with an iron stylus over the file. It seems to have come to be called “Gari-ban” because of the way the plates are made with a rattling sound.

This is a File Plate Process of Mimeograph.

It can be made easily and is surprisingly delicate.

index_img1A mimeograph is a type of print that can express delicate lines like etching in a copperplate, as well as pencil-drawn lines like soft ground or lithograph.
This method is classified as a stencil, but it requires less equipment than silkscreen, so it is easier to make.

Oily ink is used, but it is easy to clean up.

index_img2The stencils for mimeographs are made of Ganpi-shi, a kind of washi-paper with paraffin wax called “wax stencil paper”, with an iron stylus and file, so they are not corroded by solvents when making stencils such as copper-engraving.
Also, since it is made of paper, you can easily dispose of the stencil.